• The Battery Management system (BMS) is an electronic control unit that monitors and regulates the operation of the batteries.
  • The BMS protects the battery during discharging and charging process and other operational parameters.
  • In this course you will undersatand the classifications of BMS, Architecture and Operation.
  • Lithium Ion batteries Configuration and application of BMS.
  • The course covers the operational parameters of the Battery Management System.
  • The Thermal Management System is required to regulate the temperature of Batteries and protect it from excessive heating.
  • You will learn the methodology of battery cooling here.


Course Contents

  • Classifications of electric vehicles.
  • Electric vehicle components.
  • Control unit.
  • Motors used and classifications.
  • Charging systems.
  • Power Inverters.
  • Understanding the Battery Management System.
  • Classification of BMS.
  • Battery Protection Concepts and parameters.
  • Cell balancing and its classificatiosn.
  • Voltage regulation.
  • Battery State of Charge.
  • Voltage and Current sensing.
  • Understanding Kalman filters.
  • Understanding Lithium Ion battery configuration.
  • Components of Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Batteries combination types.
  • Types of cells used.
  • Working of  Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Fundamentals of thermal management systems.
  • Purpose and Functions of thermal management systems.
  • Understanding battery heating and temperature variations.
  • Methods of controling the battery temperature.
  • Cooling of Batteries.


Skills you gain

You wil learn the following technical skills.

BMS Design and Architecture.

Lithium Ion Battery operational parameters.

Thermal management of Batteries.

Certificate of completion

Course details

  • Course Delivery Mode  –  Live online training based on schedule.
  • Course duration – 5 hours of coursework.
  • Pre-requisites  –  Course designed for Mech, Auto, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Students / Graduates.
  • Prior-Knowledge  –  Basics of battery chemistry is required.
  • Certification  –  course completion certificate.

Course purpose and Outcomes

This course aims at delivering Battery Management System Concepts to Engineering Students to elevate their skills in the electric vehicle domain

Course fee

₹ 1299/-

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